We are happy to inform all Competitors that during the whole SWS 2015 event (including Opening Ceremony, Main Match and Awards Ceremony), FITDS (IPSC Italy) Press Office will be taking Video and Photo footage of the events; everyone can request a copy of this material, according to the following procedures:

PHOTOS: during every match day, Official Photographers will take photo shooting (12 squads per day) of each shooter, at the end of the day all photos will be available at Press Office and it will be possible to burn personal CDs for every shooter.
CD price is € 10 each copy

VIDEO SHOOTING: our Cameramen will make about 10 hours of video shooting, from the Opening Ceremony until the Awards Ceremony. After an editing stage, they will produce a 60 minutes DVD that will be available for booking at Press Office or: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DVD price is € 25 aech copy

Booked DVDs will be shipped either in bulk to Regional Directorate of requesting competitors or, for groups of 6 or more competitors, at the (single) address provided during booking.

During daily activities our Press Office will also take interviews and detailes of the shooting.

All the highlights will be broadcasted by the following networks: TG Sport RAI, SKY SPORT, MEDIASET SPORT, LA7 SPORT, and in other local sport channels breaking news.

Besides, all material will be spreaded over many social networks (YOUTUBE / FACEBOOK / TWITTER / VIMEO) and all the articles will be sent every day to National Newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Gazzetta dello Sport, and Regional Newspapers.

                             Press Office FITDS


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